ICD-10 Education From A Trainer's Perspective

Posted by Cortnie Simmons

With ICD-10 clearly visible on the horizon, we sat down with ICD-10 Trainer and Educator, Cortnie Simmons, MHA, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, to discuss what ICD-10 looks like from a trainer's perspective.

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Coding Productivity: How Are You Measuring Success?

Posted by Cheryl Bowling

The “go live date” for ICD-10 is swiftly approaching and medical coders are preparing to work in this new classification system with as much confidence as possible.  The coding universe as we've known it for so many years is changing and productivity is almost certain to change once ICD-10 is the industry standard.  Which begs the question, how will the change to ICD-10 affect productivity? And how do we measure the changes?

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