Podcast: Social Media Tips for HIM Professionals

podcast promo - Bran JustusWith more than 17,000 Twitter followers and 30,000 LinkedIn connections, himagine's own Brad Justus knows a thing or two about social media. In this podcast, he shares how he got started with social media and what he has learned about social media through the years:

  • You need to have a strategy - and you need to be consistent about sharing content, commenting, speaking to other people, and being part of a community.
  • Social media benefits HIM professionals at every stage of their careers - from students trying to get that first opportunity, to experienced professionals looking to take the next step, to all of us who want to stay on top of industry trends.
  • Both LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to tag people and put them into different categories, which will allow you to focus on just one category rather than seeing your complete feed. This is a time saver when you want to see content related to a specific topic or area of interest.
  •  It's just as important, if not more important, for an organization to have a social media strategy. Today's world is built on content and the content that you put out tells a story about your organization. Social media helps get your message out to your target audience. 

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How have you used social media to grow in your HIM career? Share your tips and stories in the comments section below. 

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