Webinar: How to Improve Coding Compliance and Gain Physician Buy-In

Hello himagine blog subscribers! I thought you would be interested in registering for a webinar we are hosting on September 13th. As part of our "Learn from the Pros" series, the session is titled "How to Improve Coding Compliance and Gain Physician Buy-In" and will be hosted by Carla Cashio, Executive Director, Chief Compliance Officer at DeKalb Medical and myself. 

Developing a successful coding compliance program is of critical importance to all healthcare providers. One of the many challenges facing HIM and Compliance leaders as they develop and implement their programs is getting the support and buy-in of clinicians. Programs that effectively incorporate physician training and education have a higher probability of success, however many leaders struggle to integrate this component to a significant degree.

DeKalb Medical Center, in partnership with himagine solutions, has developed a novel approach address this challenge achieving results that have exceeded expectations. Webinar participants will benefit from learning more about this approach including:

  • Program design best practices
  • Guidelines and tips for engaging physician’s in the process
  • Detailed approach on physician education and training
  • How to engage an outside partner to compliment your resources and improve your ROI
  • Expected results

Click here to watch the on-demand recording.

Topics: Coding Services