Upcoming 2018 Cancer Registry Changes

Before we know it 2017 will be wrapping up and 2018 will be upon us. 2018 promises to be a year of change for cancer registry. I believe life favors the prepared so I made a list of projected changes that will hit in the new year. Hopefully this will get you jump started for what is ahead!


  • AJCC 8th Edition Chapter Updates to Histologies
    • All surveillance partners, including AJCC, agreed that if histology code is eligible then both in-situ and invasive behaviors associated with the histology will become eligible for AJCC staging. Chapter 1 updated language in histology resource to clarify this point
    • New and Revised Prognostic Data Items
      • Finalize New Site-Specific Data Items (SSDI)
      • Existing site-specific data items for which changes are proposed
      • Update stage data items. Allowable values updated to reflect AJCC 8th Edition, values and labels reconciled, and length of data items expanded
  • ICD-O-3 Histology Revisions
    • New terms used for current codes, new codes, and codes with changes in behavior that will be used in 2018
  • MP/H Rules
    • New rules for determining multiple primaries and histologies
    • New name “solid tumor manual”
  • SEER Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasm Database
  • SEER Summary Stage 2018 and SEER EOD 2018
    • Designed to reflect changes in the AJCC 8th Edition
    • SEER Summary Stage 2018 will be derived from SEER EOD 2018
    • Directly assigned Summary Stage 2018 will be available for registries that do not collect SEER EOD 2018
  • Standards Volume II, Version 18
    • New/Changed Data Items – a list of all new and changed data items will be provided
    • New Record Layout
      • A new record layout will be developed due to the large number of new data items added for 2018
  • CoC 2018 STORE Manual
    • Designed to reflect changes in the AJCC 8th Edition
    • Updated to reflect new non-staging related data items
    • New manual format
    • Moving from 225/250 data fields to 350-375 data fields depending on site and Site Specific Data Items (SSDI) and newly created fields (which are not all known now)
  • EDITS/TNM Edits
    • Edits to be developed for all new data items. At a minimum, all new data items will require valid value edits
    • Implementation of EditWriter 5
  • Other Activities for 2018:
    • Cancer Registry Software Development
      • Software vendors will need time to modify their software to meet all the above changes
    • Central Registry Modifications to Manuals
      • Central registries will need time to modify their consolidation process to accommodate new MP/H rules.
    • Education and Training

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