Article: A Partnership Approach to a More Powerful Coding Compliance Program

Prior to October 2015, external ICD-9 coding audits were performed primarily for compliance purposes. Ongoing coding audit programs were rare due to the high cost of support and maintenance. However, following the implementation of ICD-10, many hospitals and health systems have stepped up their coding audit efforts. More frequent reviews are now recommended to measure coding accuracy—and for good reason. Coding accuracy has declined in ICD-10.

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Opening the Door to Data Analytics in Medical Coding

Data analytics has moved from IT and finance to the majority of business functions—including clinical coding. Is your organization leveraging analytics? Check out this month's HIM Scene guest blog, authored by Julia Hammerman, Director of Education and Compliance at himagine. Julia's blog explores the importance of analyzing clinical coding data to improve quality, productivity, and compliance.

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Webinar: How to Improve Coding Compliance and Gain Physician Buy-In

Posted by Samantha Champagnie on Aug 29, 2017 9:43:46 AM

Hello himagine blog subscribers! I thought you would be interested in registering for a webinar we are hosting on September 13th. As part of our "Learn from the Pros" series, the session is titled "How to Improve Coding Compliance and Gain Physician Buy-In" and will be hosted by Carla Cashio, Executive Director, Chief Compliance Officer at DeKalb Medical and myself. 

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Do You Know the "True" Cost of a Coder

Posted by Andrea Romero, RHIA, Chief Operating Officer on May 17, 2017 8:11:18 AM

"Outsourced coders are too expensive", "My internal coding resources are much less expensive than external coders" are statements I hear frequently from HIM leaders. Having worked on both sides of the fence as a HIM department lead on the provider side and now as Chief Operating Officer for himagine it struck me; has this cost gap between internal and external coders ever been quantified or is this more of a perception?

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