himagine Blog Survey Results

Posted by Mike Taylor

blogsurveyresults.pngHere are the key findings from our recently completed blog survey.

  1. The good news is that you seem to be very satisfied with the blog. In the question "How likely are you to recommend the himagine blog to a colleague" with 10 being "very likely" and 0 being "not at all likely" we received a weighted average score of 9.3!
  2. Generally most of the content we inquired about was of interest to you. However, as the chart below indicates that are 4 areas that are of most interest to you.
    1. Technical coding scenarios
    2. Best practices on various HIM initiatives
    3. Actionable tips to help improve department performance
    4. Industry news and eventsBlog Content
  3. How do himagine blog readers prefer to consume content? Short-form text and images/graphics rule the day. We are happy to hear that as we want to not only be informative but concise so these areas have been our focus.
Content Consume

Lastly, in the comments section we asked you the one thing you would change about our blog as well as ideas for improvement. An overwhelming theme from these comments is that everyone would like to see more technical coding posts and educational content. We hear you loud and clear! Given this feedback we are going to bring back our "ICD-10 Quick Tips" posts that were extremely popular in 2016.

I hope you found this information helpful. Thanks again to our survey respondents as well as all himagine blog subscribers for their support!