3 Keys to a Better Performing Clinical Documentation Program

Most short term acute care providers have a formal inpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program in place as part of their overall coding process. Do you have insight on whether your program is optimally performing? There are 3 key areas I recommend you focus on to best answer that question.

1. Technology utilization. Do you utilize an analytics tool that retrospectively evaluates claims and remittance data and provides ongoing reporting, performance metrics, and benchmarking? Using the right technology helps remove manual processes and provides greater transparency of results across the entire organization.

2. Revenue integrity function. Do you employ a chart review role that bridges the gap between coding and final bill drop? Organizations that have invested in this initiative have experienced fewer compliance issues, cleaner claims, and optimized reimbursement.

3. Ongoing education. Do you have a standardized educational platform that leverages data from your analytics application and transforms it into educational modules that are delivered to all stakeholders involved on a monthly basis? Facilities that formalize this process experience better performance.

Did you answer "no" to any of these key areas? If so you may be interested in attending a webinar on this topic featuring myself and Adrienne Younger, Director of CDI Education at Ardent Health Services. To watch the on-demand replay, click here!

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