3 Key Opportunities for HIM to Engage in MACRA

CMS has provided eligible clinicians with a relatively flexible process for engaging in MACRA in 2017. However, in 2018 practices will need to participate more fully in MIPS if they are not participating in an advanced APM. As an HIM leader, does your department have a clear strategy for assisting the affiliated physician groups within your facility or system? Perhaps you are even uncertain what HIM's role should be? Here are 3 key areas where you can contribute.

1. Utilizing physician data to develop a CDI process. Learning how to incorporate MACRA and MIPS data into your existing program can help with quality measures and scoring as well as improve accuracy.

2. Develop a collaborative process between physicians and coders. Better alignment creates a "high tide raises all boats" result.

3. Comparing physician data. RVU comparisons of like specialties ensures documentation and coding are accurate.

Are any of these areas you need to explore more deeply or need guidance? If so you may be interested in attending a webinar on this topic featuring myself and Dr. Michael Marron-Stearns, CPC, CFPC, MD who is CEO and Founder of Apollo HIT, a company that provides HIT and compliance consulting services. To watch the on-demand replay, click here!